Al-Kadhmi advisor reveals the most prominent contents of the European tour

  • 19-10-2020, 13:33
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    Baghdad - INA


     Advisor to the Prime Minister Hisham Daoud revealed the most prominent axes of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhmi's European tour, while referring to the tasks of the fact-finding team formed regarding the October events of last year.

     Dawood said in a statement to Al-Iraqiya News Agency, followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "Al-Kadhmi's visit to Europe has an economic aspect," stressing that "it is not possible to separate the large and high-level visits to the world without the economic aspect."

     He added, "There is global interest in Iraq, its role and its place, and there is also some appreciation for the government's credibility," noting that "there are many calls for Iraq coming from Russia and many countries in Asia, America, Europe and many Arab countries."


     Government delegation


     He continued, "The Governor of the Central Bank and the Minister of Finance and a number of senior economists within the delegation that left with the Prime Minister, to persuade European countries to put Iraq in the right place so that it can start growth and acceptable economic activity and openness to the world."


     Daoud pointed out that "Iraq has been subjected to great humiliation and blockade for years, and the reasons were political and military," stressing that "the world was afraid of Iraq, but now it has become the opposite, because Iraq calls for neutrality, and has become a positive element, and there is an urge by many countries to visit it."


     He explained, "The visit to Europe carries a political character in the first place, through the support of European countries to Iraq and the desire of Iraq to play its role in the region," noting that "the second content of the European visit is the economic aspect, and the metro will be discussed in Baghdad (the suspended metro) and the establishment of  Airports in some provinces, as well as the agricultural side and the food industry. "

     He stressed that "the nuclear issue with France has not been raised seriously for dialogue between the two countries," noting that "memoranda of understanding will be signed, and there are studies that have been conducted in the past on these projects."


     Study projects


     Daoud indicated that "the prime minister requested additional studies for these projects, but there is a desire to deal with transportation problems and pollution in Baghdad," stressing that "the capital needs an internal and external underground metro, and we also need several airports."

     He added, "We have problems with cash liquidity and how to pay the cost of contracting with the outside world."

     He went on to say, "Our dealings with Europe are based on acceptable offers such as long-term soft loans that are paid in succession and at the same time we obtain technology," pointing out that "the Sixty Company is one of the world's leading companies in the field of trains."


     Ministerial curriculum

     On the fact-finding team on the October events, Daoud explained, "The fact-finding team is formed of judges and government support to provide protection for it, and it has the right to search and investigate," stressing that "the matter needs time."

     He added, "The formation of the team comes within the ethical commitment of the government, which came in the fifth point of the ministerial curriculum when it obtained the approval of the House of Representatives," indicating that "this committee has a wide authority."


     He pointed out that "the team will take what is available, and this is a new opportunity to know what happened and how it happened and to ensure that it will not be repeated in the future," stressing that "there are young people who went out in defense of their homeland to demand their rights, and he responded with fire."


     Condemning oppressive behavior


     He indicated that "these repressive actions and killings have been condemned by the current government and human rights organizations inside and outside Iraq," noting that "statistics indicate that more than 560 martyrs have fallen and there are thousands of wounded and disabled persons, and they must be classified according to the degree of disability from mild to severe and we are following that."  continuously" .

     He continued, "After completing these stages, the investigative judicial process must end through this committee, which is legislated by the order of my office, which is a supreme committee, and the Iraqi people are waiting for their work."



     Selection of judges based on integrity and experience


     He explained, "The judges were chosen on the basis of integrity, experience and professionalism, and they were not influenced by any party whatsoever, and that they look at what happened objectively, and the necessary protection will be provided to them independently and professionally."

     He went on to say, "It is difficult for the executive authority to impose on the judicial authority a time limit to search for the truth and an issue that has not remained open forever."

     He pointed out that "the fact-finding team will begin its work in terms of what is appropriate in some governorates that have witnessed repression operations, and they are the ones that have been decided, and we do not impose anything on them and we respect their independence," stressing that "the committee has the powers to do its work."