Health records 63 new cases of Coronavirus

  • 7-05-2020, 16:35
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    INA - Baghdad

    Ministry of Health and the Environment announced that 63 new cases of the newly infected Coronavirus have been recorded and 24 cases have been recovered.

    “Around 2878 were examined in all the specialized laboratories in Iraq for this day, thus the total number of samples examined since the beginning of the disease in Iraq is (120604),” included the Ministry statement received by Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    The statement praised the efforts of all ministries and agencies that are cooperating with it to reduce the spread of the epidemic and contain the infections.

    The statement added, the Ministry's laboratories recorded (63) injuries in Iraq distributed as follows:

    Baghdad / Rusafa: 23

    Baghdad / Karkh: 9

    Medical City: 1

    Kirkuk: 5

    Basra: 25

    The statement pointed out that there are no deaths, while recovery cases reached 24 cases, as follows:

    Baghdad / Rusafa: 4

    Baghdad / Al-Karkh: 4

    Basra: 5

    Babylon: 2

    Karbala: 1

    Erbil; 6

    Salah al-Din: 2

    The statement added that the total number of injuries was: 2543, while the total number of deaths reached: 102, and the total number of recovery cases: 1626, while the total patients: 815 cases.