Health: 85 new cases tested positive for COVID-19

  • 5-05-2020, 17:45
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    INA - Baghdad

    Ministry of Health and Environment registered 85 new cases of Coronavirus and 27 healed cases in Iraq.

    The ministry called on the Iraqi people to adhere to the orders of social distancing and the rules of personal and social protection in order to protect everyone from the danger of the epidemic and to prevent further spread of the disease, included a statement received by Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    The statement added that "(5898) were examined in the specialized laboratories in Iraq, thus the total number of samples examined since the beginning of disease registration in Iraq (113484)."

    The statement pointed out that "the Ministry of Health laboratories recorded (85) injuries distributed as follows:

    Baghdad / Rusafa: 5

    Baghdad / Karkh: 13

    Medical City: 16

    Najaf: 2

    Karbala: 13

    Kirkuk: 12

    Basra: 19

    Maysan: 1

    Muthanna: 3

    Erbil: 1

    The statement also included that "the ministry recorded 4 deaths distributed as follows: two cases in the Medical City, one in Baghdad / Rusafa and one in Basra, while recovery cases were recorded: 27 cases, as follows:

    Baghdad / Rusafa: 5

    Medical City: 1

    Najaf: 2

    Sulaymaniyah: 7

    Erbil: 4

    Basra: 3

    Karbala: 1

    Babylon: 4

    The statement continued, "The total of infections was: 2431, the total of deaths amounted to: 102, while the total number of recoveries: 1571, and the total current patients: 758."