Iraqi airmen hit Daesh hideout in the Hamrin Mountains: SMC

  • 23-06-2024, 17:00
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    The Security Media Cell declared today, Sunday, that an Iraqi airstrike had been launched against an ISIS terrorist gang den in the Hamrin Mountains.

    In an announcement obtained by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), the cell stated: "Our valiant units succeeded in locating the vanquished terrorist elements on June 23. They did this with great diligence from the heroes of the Military Intelligence Directorate, making the best use of both technical and human surveillance resources. All of this was done under the planning, supervision, and follow-up of the Command's targeting cell." The joint operations targeted three terrorist elements inside a key hideout for the disbanded ISIS terrorist detachments in the Hamrin Mountains within the Diyala Operations Command sector.

    "A devastating air strike with F-16 aircraft was directed at this den, turning it into rubble above the heads of the terrorists," SMC continued, praising the valorous actions of their airmen.

    "Numerous dens and caves, as well as the weapons, equipment, and logistical materials they contained, were destroyed," the statement continued.