INSS arrests an accused of counterfeiting the currency in western Nineveh

  • 28-01-2023, 12:49
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    Iraqi National Security Service-INSS on Saturday, announced the arrest of an accused of counterfeiting currency in western Nineveh, while indicating that the accused was in possession of 300,000 counterfeit dollars and was trying to sell them to citizens and local markets.
    A statement of INSS, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stated that "the detachments of the National Security Service in western Nineveh, after obtaining judicial approvals, were able to arrest an accused person practicing counterfeiting of money in flagrante delicto while selling counterfeit dollars."
    "The statements of the accused were duly recorded and referred with the seized items to the competent judicial authorities to take the necessary measures against him in accordance with the law,” the statement added.