SMC: Four arrested for dealing in counterfeit currency in Babil

  • 21-11-2021, 11:32
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    The Security Media Cell announced today, Sunday, the arrest of four suspects trading in counterfeit currency in Babil province.
    "The detachments of the Agency of Intelligence and Federal Investigation ,represented by the Organized Crime Directorate was able to arrest 4 suspects who Trading and selling counterfeit currency in the province of Babil,"SMC said in a statement, received by The Iraqi News Agency(INA).
    The statement added that "two of the defendants were caught in possession (4,925,000) counterfeit currency on the form of (25 thousand dinars banknotes) and an amount (20,000) thousand in five and ten thousand Iraqi dinars banknote," noting that "another accused was also arrested in possession of in possession of a counterfeit currency estimated at (4,540,000) in the form of (25,000) and (10,000) thousand  Iraqi dinars banknotes.
    The statement indicated that "a counterfeit amount of (9800) US dollars in form of (100) dollars was also seized," noting that "another accused was also arrested for promoting the currency during an agreement with people to sell the counterfeit currency."