Zidan: Legal period overdue for naming the President is a constitutional violation

  • 22-06-2022, 23:30
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    The head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Faiq Zaidan, confirmed on Wednesdays, that not naming the President of the Republic so far is a constitutional violation of the expiry of his legal term, while noting that some have returned to the Federal Court as a means of media appearance.

    "Many constitutional violations have occurred and are still ongoing, the most important of which is the overdue of the legal period for naming a new president," said Zaidan in an interview with Al-Sabah newspaper (the expanded version will be published tomorrow) and followed by the Iraqi News Agency - INA.

    He added, "Some have returned to the Federal Court as a mean of media appearance and review, so that they return to appealing any decision or law, even if it is not within the jurisdiction of the court."

    Regarding the legal aspect, he also stressed that “without the existence of a penalty for violating a certain constitutional or legal text, that violation becomes a legitimate and repetitive procedure or behavior based on the rule (of punishment violating the law), and at the same time he pointed out that "the accusations against the judiciary that it is politicized. The accusations are incorrect, but we look at them with open arms and bear them."

    On the other hand, he explained, "We avoid issuing arrest warrants against media professionals, and instead, we issue summoning warrants in accordance with the law."

    Regarding the Federal Court’s decision of the unconstitutionality of the oil and gas law in the Kurdistan region, Zaidan stated that “with regard to the export of oil by the region, when the court examined the facts of the case, it found that the Ministry of Oil was constitutionally entitled to the claim submitted by it, so the decision was issued in favor of the ministry.”

    On the incidents of tribal conflicts, the head of the Supreme Judicial Council said: "Tribal practices have turned into a negative phenomenon that causes confusion in the security situation and a disruption in social cohesion."