Nineveh: Reconstructing Al-Hadba Minaret is carried out by expertise of Mosul

  • 22-06-2022, 22:30
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    Nineveh Governor Najm Al-Jubouri confirmed on Wednesday, the use of expertise from the people of Mosul in the process of rebuilding Al-Hadba Minaret, while indicating that the Mosul Heritage Festival will be repeated annually.

    "UAE provided a grant to UNESCO for the reconstruction of Al-Hadba minaret, and the process is carried out using the expertise of the people of Mosul," said Al-Jubouri to the Iraqi News Agency - INA.

    Regarding the Mosul Heritage Festival, al-Jubouri stressed that "the festival was held on the cusp of repairing a section of the old area's houses that were damaged by Daesh terrorism," noting that "the festival tried to send a message that the Mosulis, despite their wounds, are able to make smile and joy."

    He added, "The aim of the festival is to inform visitors about the heritage and civilization of Nineveh and its rich heritage by displaying traditional, handicrafts, the accuracy and beauty of folk costumes," explaining that "the festival hosted all the heritage artworks rich in life and was attended by a group of political and artistic figures."

    "The festival will be repeated annually in Nineveh Governorate. The festival contributed to introducing the arrivals to the province to the popular and handicraft industries as well as the nature of those old houses, in addition to identifying the characters of Mosul, where more than 100 pictures of figures who had a great influence in Nineveh were placed," he included.