3 ISIS hideouts destroyed in Anbar, AIFI reports

  • 13-01-2022, 12:44
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    The Agency of Intelligence and Federal Investigation (AIFI) at the Ministry of Interior announced on Thursday, blasting 3 Daesh hideouts in Anbar desert.
    “AIFI continuous its proactive operation ,as based on the confessions of one of the arrested terrorists, the regiments of AIFI enabled to blast 3 hideouts of Daesh  terrorists gang , which were used as den for ISIS terrorist members and a warehouse for logistical support” , The Security Media Cell said in a statement , received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    It’s to be mentioned, that AIFI forces managed to destroy a vehicle used by ISIS terrorists to hide the people who were kidnapped by ISIS in the area of Wadi Atbel. "