The arrest of the so-called the official of financial and logistical support for ISIS in Kirkuk 

  • 7-01-2022, 16:03
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    The intelligence agency arrested the so-called official of financial and logistical support for ISIS in Kirkuk Governorate. 

    A statement of the Security Media Cell received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) today, Friday, stated that  "in continuation of the proactive operations implemented by the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency in the Ministry of Interior to punish terrorist groups and dry up their sources of financial and logistical supporters of ISIS, and after a precise intelligence operation and in cooperation with the Fifth Division of the Federal Police The person responsible for financial and logistical support for ISIS terrorist gangs in Kirkuk governorate was arrested, and he is wanted in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 / terrorism,” noting that “the arrest took place after obtaining judicial approvals, and through a field investigation, he confessed to the whereabouts of the terrorists and immediately was Forming a specialized work team and demolishing those dens, where a den was found containing a tent equipped with logistical materials to stay in  . ” 

    He explained that "the necessary legal measures were taken against the terrorist and the den was filled without incident."