MOI: The army withdraw decision from the cities is up to the higher authorities 

  • 28-10-2021, 19:42
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    Baghdad - INA - Muhammad Al-Talbi 

    The Ministry of the Interior summarized the achievements of the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency since the beginning of this year until now, while confirming that the decision to exit the army from the cities is up to the higher authorities.  

    The head of the Security Media Cell and Director of the Relations and Information Department in the Ministry of Interior, Major General Saad Maan, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the security forces are continuing their work in the security effort, and what ISIS terrorist gangs have done recently will not deter them from moving forward in the fight against ISIS and drying up." All sources of terrorism are supported by the intelligence effort." 

    Major General Maan added, "There are great achievements made by the Intelligence Agency in the Ministry of Interior, especially since the first day of this year until now, as it arrested 3,806 terrorists across the country, including 281 terrorists in Diyala Governorate, and seized 4 booby-trapped wheels and 6 booby-trapped bicycles." In addition to 38 explosive belts and more than 929 explosive devices. 

    He pointed out that "the agency carried out pre-emptive qualitative operations with tactical strikes, during which it was able to achieve its goals," noting that "on 24/7/2021, the agency was able to destroy terrorist hostels in al-Rutba district, and on 08/21/2021, it carried out a dumping operation. He was arrested in Tarmiyah district and was able to destroy several guesthouses, while on August 23, 2021 it was able to kill two terrorists and destroy 4 guesthouses in Salah al-Din Governorate, al-Aith area. 

    He continued, "The security forces were also able, on 9/20/2021, to kill 10 terrorists and destroy 4 guesthouses with the support of the Air Force and in coordination with the International Coalition through an information effort in the Hamrin Mountains in Kirkuk Governorate," noting that "the security forces were also able, on 23/ 9/2021, who killed 15 terrorists and destroyed 3 rest-houses in Hamrin. 

    He praised the "great effort of the Military Intelligence, the National Security Forces, the Intelligence Services, and the Popular Mobilization Forces," stressing "continuing efforts to combat terrorism and focusing on the information effort more."