Commander-in-Chief's spokesman: three hideouts destroyed, ISIS leader killed in Anbar

  • 8-11-2021, 10:36
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    Spokesman for the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Maj. Gen. Yahya Rasul, announced Monday that three hiseouts had been destroyed and an ISIS leader killed in the Anbar desert.
    "In a qualitative and supervised and follow-up operation by the Undersecretary of the Interior Ministry for Federal Intelligence and Investigations, the intelligence service was able to raid three hideouts of ISIS terrorist gang members in Wadi Al-qathif and Jalabat in the Rutbah desert in Anbar province," Rasoul said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    "Three hideouts were besieged and destroyed and terrorist Abu al-Bara, one of the leaders of ISIS gangs, was killed," he said.
    "The Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency will continue its operations that pleases Iraqis in all Iraqi provinces and prosecute anyone who tamper with the security of citizens," Rasool said in the statement.