Parliamentary Foreign Committee determines mechanisms for selecting ambassadors

  • 21-07-2021, 20:00
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    INA – Baghdad


    Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee determined the mechanisms for selecting Iraqi ambassadors, while noting that the new list included 70 ambassadors.


    "For many years, there has been work to nominate ambassadors with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to fill the void. The Foreign Relations Committee studied the names of the candidates, after interviewing them to select the best of them," said the Committee member Ala Talabani in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).


    She indicated that "some of the names proposed for ambassadorial positions require study by the elites and public opinion to reconsider them," noting that "there are qualified people who should not be burned with unqualified names that can be reconsidered,"


    "The committee is not the one who nominated the names of the ambassadors, but rather the political blocs, but these names went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Foreign Relations Committee," explaining that "the list includes 70 ambassadors, of whom 35 are candidates from political blocs and there are 35 candidates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who are of the diplomatic corps,"