Al-Obaidi: Iraq is going through a financial crisis, and targeting the diplomatic missions affects the level of international cooperation

  • 10-01-2021, 15:14
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    Baghdad - INA

    Photo by Safaa Alwan

    The spokesman for the leader of the Sadrist movement, Sheikh Salah al-Ubaidi, confirmed that dealing with the targeting of diplomatic missions is the responsibility of the executive authorities, indicating that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhmi's selection of the defense and interior ministers was encouraging.

    Al-Obaidi said in an interview with the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The issue of dealing with the targeting of diplomatic missions on the ground is the matter of the executive authorities, and the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and those related to him are asked about them.” Very much, and it is assumed that the parties and states that can reduce the impact of this crisis will cooperate, because their cooperation will benefit greatly.

    He added that "if there is a general impression in the diplomatic atmosphere, and that Iraq is not safe from the standpoint of the diplomatic missions in Baghdad and it is possible that they may be targeted and exposed to danger, and it will affect the level of cooperation with Iraq in its crisis, and as a result it is a loss for the Iraqi situation and a loss for the citizen." That "if there is no stability, then this means that the country will remain in the wind."

    Al-Sadr’s vision

    Al-Obaidi pointed out that “Mr. Al-Sadr’s vision should be made a map of action to save Iraq without conflicts,” stressing that “one of the steps that keeps Iraq away from internal and external conflicts is media guidance, and it is a method that Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr followed through his tweets or explanation and clarification before The many national actors who see this tweet are in order and they are not few.”

    He pointed out that "if you follow satellite channels and communication pages, you will find that many non-Sadrists as well as Sadrists have found that Mr. Sadr's tweet is appropriate, and it must be made as a method and plan of action to save Iraq without a conflict that could enter it, and this is one of the steps is the declaration." The media person denies the arguments that the other party is trying to invoke, who targets the diplomatic missions, who tries to come up with arguments and comes up with reasons for that, and are these reasons sufficient or insufficient when you clearly clarify through dialogue on satellite channels or media platforms, will make the citizen before every argument from each party and its reasons And his status and the arbitrator is society. "


    Election date

    Al-Obeidi added that “postponing the elections is not correct because the country is in a transitional state,” noting that “the Al-Kadhimi government was supposed to have been formed in order to carry out specific tasks, the most important of which is confronting Corona, fighting corruption, and holding early elections, which is one of the basic things for which this government was formed. And Al-Kadhmi is supposed to have accepted the assignment of his capabilities to carry out this task, and if he is a person who has no experience in the matter of running the state, it is possible that an excuse may be sought for him not knowing how to conduct matters in the realm of state departments, but such an excuse cannot be sought by al- Kadhmi because he is the head of Iraqi intelligence, It is assumed that in the year 2018 and when the elections were held, he was head of intelligence and was familiar with the elections. When al- Kadhmi set the date for early elections, he was accepted.

    Electoral position

    He pointed out that "the Sadrists in all electoral rounds have accumulation in addition, and their position is advanced and not subjected to vibrations," indicating that "those who follow the electoral issue and the work of the Sadrists in this electoral matter notices that the Sadrists in every election cycle have an accumulation of addition, not an accumulation of decrease, and their electoral position." It is advanced, stable, and progressing, and has not been subjected to vibrations and cracks, as happened to other blocs. "

    He noted that "there are many blocs, regardless, whether Shiite, Sunni, or even Kurdish have been cracked, and there is competition, and the echoes of competition are present, and they are limited seats, and if there is competition with new blood for the same seats, there is a loser and a winner."

    He pointed out that "it is proven and clear that the bloc led by the Sadrists has not suffered setbacks, on the contrary, increases, and in the last elections of 2018 it was a surprise that it won the largest bloc, although some readings and analyzes say that the victory bloc for Abadi, being a prime minister, will be the largest." It means that the Sadrists have the ability, regardless of, as a law, that they will be able to come up with a mechanism and a program that are consistent with the old law to obtain the largest possible number of seats with the least number of votes and the least possibility of financial costs.


    The Shi’ite House

    Regarding the initiative of the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, to gather the Shiite house, Al-Obeidi stated that “most of the previous Shi’ite agreements between the parties have a temporary goal of elections and prime minister. ", Stressing that" the Shiite parties that have aspirations to obtain the premiership through this Shiite grouping or the Shiite bloc do not have electoral capacity, and come with a specified number of seats, but they want to benefit from the total Shiite accumulation in order to obtain the prime ministerial seat, so they resort To the Shiite alliance, and that Mr. Sadr considers this method harmful to the nation, and to the Shia.

    He pointed out that "the problem of the personalities who assumed the premiership in this way after a period found themselves denying some of the parties that helped them obtain this position, and begin to think practically of themselves, their party and their political ambitions, and feed this ambition at the expense of the other parties that helped them obtain the prime minister, and this is It is a failed mechanism, dispersal and not gathering, and it is assumed that it establishes a national charter, a working mechanism, and an internal system that organizes the movement of the Shiite blocs in order not to issue their crises on the national space and that the issue is not linked only to elections or the selection of a prime minister.

    He explained that "there are economic crises and other challenges, and the situation should not be dispersed, for example the vote on the budget and the position on the oil and gas licensing rounds. A methodology and an internal system for the Shiite home movement are to be put in place, and it is not limited to the political parties only, but rather is supposed to be involved in the parties." Social, and if possible religious actors. "

    Al-Obaidi noted that “Mr. Al-Sadr, when I tweet on this topic, was expressing to collect the Shiite house, regardless of the names. What is important is the mechanism that benefits the national atmosphere and benefits the country through an internal system and a strategy that passes and applies to everyone without exception,” stressing that “ Some are still thinking about his electoral existence and seeing whether this National Pact contains clauses that benefit him electively, but the project is necessary and indispensable, and that Mr. Sadr did not raise a personal issue, but rather presented a view that exists in the thought of all the existing brothers.

    He continued, "The head of the Chaldean Catholic Church in Iraq and when he visited the office of Mr. Al-Sadr to offer congratulations, he said:" You the Shiites, make up your order, arrange your situation, and we will overcome all problems. "

    Al-Obeidi added that "the recent crisis that took place in choosing a prime minister after the resignation of Adel Abdul-Mahdi, everyone, even the president of the republic, emphasized going to the Shiite blocs and the Shiite home, as they are concerned with choosing the prime minister, and the blocs were given a week's opportunity, and the blocs sat during this period, but with great regret The Shiite blocs did not come out with an agreed-upon person, although there was a candidate, Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, and because he was not assigned to prime minister, it does not mean that Sairun’s coalition will take revenge, because Allawi is not a candidate for the people who are going, nor is there a coalition of people, and we do not wish to enter the country into a new impasse and crisis. And there are supposed challenges from Corona, and there must be a government effective with the decision, so the head of the Sairun bloc went to this meeting concerned with the Shiites only, and at the request of the President of the Republic and said to them: “We do not have a candidate, and we do not object to another candidate by assignment, but you must agree. All the blocs, and he explained to them that the Sairun Alliance believes that the candidate should be able to come with at least 60 or 50 independent (technocrats) government booths, and if he is able to achieve this, then Sairun will vote on him, but if a person is assigned to the size of the parties, and his government includes a People with no income or experience, for whom we will not vote. "

    Al-Obeidi stated that "Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kahdimi's selection of the defense and interior ministers from the first meal in the government cabinet was encouraging because they are professional and independent personalities, and this matter encouraged the Sairun coalition to vote on the Al-Kahdimi government," noting that "the Sairun coalition was the most lenient party or bloc to assign Prime Minister, and did not set conditions, and this is what Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi and Al-Zorfi said during their assignment, as well as Al- Kahdimi said it, and Naiem Al-Suhail also said it, because it was hoped that he would be appointed as the most fortunate candidate out of the seven who sat from the Shiites, and the same bloc that nominated him was his refusal On the last night and at the last hour, and this is the problem, which is the evidence for getting acquainted with the Shiite house, and the necessity of this project. "

    Political openness

    Al-Obaidi pointed out that "some media organizations imply that all Shiites are affiliated with Iran, and this is not true, stressing that" there are respected parties that believe in their patriotism, and do not accept to be a tail, neither to the right nor the left, nor in the East or the West, and the issue is as if there is a personal dispute Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr and the other party. "

    He explained that "the national concern makes the Sadrist movement agree with the Iraqi parties wherever they are, even if these parties offended it in the past, and that Mr. Al-Sadr has a history of turning past pages," stressing that "some are trying to reduce the Shiites to Maliki, and this thinking is not correct."


    Resigned government

    Sheikh Al-Obeidi said, "The formation of the Abd al-Mahdi government came on the basis of a consensus between the main blocs and an agreement to give the government a one-year opportunity to carry out its basic tasks, which is to create stability in the country, create a campaign against the corrupt and recover Iraqi funds," adding that "with great regret when I approached This year to the end, of course, every movement of the movement was charged with not opposing the government of Abdul-Mahdi, not to be subjected to harsh criticism or fallacy, and not to talk about it in a way that obstructs its march and to give it a full chance for a year, and that the accurate evaluation takes place after a year, and even the political body of the Sadrist movement punished One of the representatives prevented him from declaring, because he was opposing one of the ministers, but with great regret the government of Abdul Mahdi did not come much less than the level of ambition.


    Public budget

     Al-Obaidi noted that “the rejection expressed by MP Majida Al-Tamimi and the practical and digital problems that the deputy showed in her meetings were clear, and represent the Sadrist movement’s point of view,” indicating that “the government has proven that there will be a reduction in the operational budget due to reducing salaries in order to reduce the operational budget, but as a result. The operating budget increased by more than 10 trillion dinars, so where did this money go? And how was it settled? And this matter is entrusted to the deputies, each in his committee, and I think they are doing their duty. "