Al-Kadhmi: The government implemented most of the vocabulary of its ministerial platform within just five months

  • 18-10-2020, 14:52
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    Baghdad - INA

    Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhmi confirmed today, Sunday that the government implemented most of the vocabulary of its ministerial platform within five months only.

    The media office of the Prime Minister said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “Al-Kadhmi met with members of the fact-finding team formed to investigate the October events of last year and the casualties that accompanied them."

    He stressed that "the formation of this team represents the rebirth of the values ​​of the state that seeks justice and equity, and which deals responsibly with the rights of its people."

    Addressing the members of the team, and through them to the families of the martyrs and victims,Al-Kadhmi added, "The formation of this team does not aim at revenge or revenge as much as it represents a responsible position of the state in the face of the blood of its people, and that whoever is involved in the blood of the Iraqis must be brought to justice, and no senior before the law."

    Al-Kadhmi explained to the team members, "This morning, he visited the district of a country in Salah al-Din governorate and learned about the heinous crime, the perpetrators of which wanted to be above the law, but justice will take its course, because the blood of Iraqis, regardless of their sects, carries one species, which is Iraq."

    He pointed out that "those who despise the lives of the Iraqis should fear the anger of Al-Halim if he gets angry."

    Al-Kadhmi stressed, according to the statement, that he "has been honored to bear the responsibility of preserving Iraq, its safety and unity, and that whoever is exposed to the reputation of Iraq and its international relations should review himself."

    He noted during the meeting that "confidence in the security services has been restored, to restore its role according to legal jurisdiction, and we will pursue every transgressor against the security of Iraq."

    He pointed out that "the government applied most of the vocabulary of its ministerial curriculum within five months only, and today we launch a truth commission as part of this curriculum."

    He added: We launched the reform white paper to stop wasting Iraq’s money and sacrifice its future, so that Iraq would be a country supported by industry and agriculture. I call upon every Iraqi and Iraqi to stand with the state and support it to regain its health.