Al-Nahj Bloc: The government is able to hold an early elections and it also needs the parliamentary legislation

  • 1-08-2020, 14:04
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    Baghdad - INA


     The National Approach confirmed today, Saturday, that the government is able to hold early elections and needs parliamentary legislation.

     Member of the bloc, MP Hussein al-Aqabi told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "Determining the date of the early elections as a legal and technical measure," noting that "the government has indicated its capabilities and preparations to hold elections at this date and has fulfilled its commitment."

     Al-Aqabi added that "the government can hold elections at this time, but other measures related to the House of Representatives remain, such as legislation for an election law and the completion of the Supreme Federal Court Law, because the court is the one that ratifies the election results, and now there is a defect in the quorum of this court."  , Noting that "among those other legislative measures related to the dissolution of the House of Representatives itself 60 days before the elections are held, which requires the consensus of political blocs within the House of Representatives, and the government then turns to conduct realization throughout that period."