Kharbit reveals a political trend towards the Sunni region

  • 2-05-2020, 12:13
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    Baghdad - INA


     Member of Parliament, Abdullah Al-Kharbit, revealed a political trend towards establishing the Sunni region.

     Al-Kharbit said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "There is a strong movement and a strong demand within the Sunni component, behind which former MPs and ministers formed the formation of the Sunni region." Usually, this region represents a rupture for Iraq and paves the way for independence calls for the future.

     The former Speaker of Parliament, Salim al-Jabouri, had announced earlier that he is with the administrative regions and that every governorate is a region, and he is usually a factor of unity, not fragmentation, stressing that he is against the formation of a sectarian region, whether Sunni, Shiite or Kurdish, because it will divide the components into categories and the outbreak of conflicts between them  ".