MOD: Air Force, Coalition Air and Anti-Terrorist Service chase a hater in the Hamrin Mountains

  • 12-04-2019, 11:49
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     Baghdad - INA

    The Ministry of Defense revealed details of the security operation carried out by the security forces against remnants of the terrorist in the mountains of Hamrin.

    The pilots of the Air Force and the International Coalition, in cooperation with the Anti-Terrorist Organization, have carried out a joint operation to crush remnants, said Defense Ministry spokesman Major Tahseen al-Khafaji in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency.

    The International Alliance carried out a number of air strikes in the depth of the area extending from the Hamrin mountain range to the eastern edge of Lake Hamrin, while the heroes of the military aircraft to support the anti-terrorism in the transfer of airborne forces and the destruction of several additives housing terrorism, pointing out that the forces I found weapons And a mobile phone was prepared for detonation, as was found in the media center of ISIS.