Capturing an ISIS terrorist in an ambush in Abu Ghraib, PMF reports

  • 17-01-2023, 13:47
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    The Popular Mobilization Forces-PMF announced on Tuesday, capturing a member of ISIS terrorist gangs, in an elaborate ambush in Abu Ghraib.

    PMF said in a statement , received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that "The General Directorate of Security and Discipline at the Popular Mobilization Forces,  in a qualitative, proactive operation and an elaborate ambush, after obtaining legal approvals ,managed to arrest one of the most important terrorist members from the new cells of ISIS gangs in  Abu Ghraib district in Baghdad,” noting that “the terrorist has a statistical number in the  data of ISIS, as he works as a security member within the terrorist gang that was planning to attack the capital, Baghdad.”
    The statement added, "Thanks to the heroes of PMF the terrorists arrested and these terrorist operations were thwarted."