PMF counts the number of its forces, elaborates its essential duties

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  • 13-06-2022, 10:55
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    The Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) affirmed on Monday, that the fatwa of sufficient jihad has saved Iraq and from terrorism, while noting that the return of ISIS has become impossible, PMF revealed the number of its forces and the wounded of the war.
    PMF Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Yasser Al-Issawi, said in an interview with the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "The complete collapse after the entry  of ISIS terrorist gangs to Nineveh, Salah al-Din, Kirkuk and Anbar, and their approaching of the outskirts of the capital Baghdad, we needed a great human effort and raise the morale  to resist the bitterness of defeat that existed in those days, so the fatwa of sufficient jihad was the shining light that healed the wounds of the Iraqis and gave a new impetus to the people and masses towards liberation and defense of the sanctities, Certainly, this fatwa restored life to Iraq again and gave us a legitimate and legal reason to defend our cities, families and people, and it became the lifeline for the people in general."
    The return of 2014 scenario
    Al-Issawi added that “ the idea of renewing the scenario of  2014 is an impossible one, 8 years ago, there was a collapse in the security forces, PMF has not yet been established, and there was a large incubator for Daesh in some provinces, as well as the external support,” pointing out that those opportunities are not achievable now for these gangs, especially after the idea of ISIS  has become largely rejected in most western and northern governorates, in addition to the fact that PMF has advanced weapons, high capabilities and modern technology capable of confronting regular armies, and it is impossible for ISIS to repeat such an attempt ".
    The effect and the results of sufficient jihad fatwa 
    Al-Issawi explained that "The sufficient jihad fatwa resulted forming a new component and a new birth called the Popular Mobilization Forces, The fatwa also gave a religious and moral character to the dealings that existed in the liberated areas despite the attempts of some hostile parties that support ISIS and stand against Iraq to give it a sectarian character, especially since the fatwa of sufficient jihad was issued by a person considered the father of all Iraqis, and the operations of liberating cities and saving citizens from the clutches of terrorism became important mission to reflects humanity first, patriotism second, and moral third. "
    Service duties
    Speaking about the non-military roles of PMF, PMF Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Yasser Al-Issawi said that “PMF differs from the rest of the other military institutions that work in one direction, which is to protect the country, and these are purely military institutions, as for PMF, it takes the military role in defending Iraq as it takes the role of service institutions, and this was clearly evident in the floods that occurred in 2018 and 2019, as well as its role in addressing epidemics, as it was effective in Corona pandemic, as well as education services, opening schools, helping the families of the poor, martyrs and the wounded, and providing other services such as opening roads that were closed with accumulated waste and sponsoring other service institutions, in addition to its active role in the issue of desertification that is now present in Iraq, as PMF launched a major operation at the beginning of Samawah through afforestation and the restoration of agriculture to it and the employment of thousands of manpower."
    PMF stats of troops
    Regarding the total number of the Popular Mobilization Forces, Al-Issawi elaborated that “the number of PMF forces is now 169,700 fighters from the various sects of Iraq, and this is the strength in general,” noting that “the reserves cannot be calculated or measured, as all the components of Iraq, from north to south, wish to join PMF fighters for free, noting that "the number of wounded officially has reached 27 thousand, and we have 85% of them still serving in general, and most of the leaders are wounded and injured, including the chief of staff and commanders of operations."
    PMF Law
    Regarding the law of the Popular Mobilization Forces, Al-Issawi stressed that “PMF has its legislation, it is a legal institution that meets the orders of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. This is what legislated by the Iraqi Parliament, but this law needs further amendments, as PMF is a young institution that is 8 years old and has been in a war for more than 3 years, and it is natural that it needs support from the state more than other military institutions,” indicating that Noting that, "until now, PMF does not have its own camps, and no lands have been allocated for it, and that its fighters and leaders have so far not taken their role and their basic and real privileges."
    The necessity of PMF existance
    Al-Issawi added that "The real reason behind forming PMF is to preserve the country and cooperate with the Iraqi army , and this has become a very urgent situation, especially since the first experience of PMF was successful and fruitful. As successful experiences must be strengthened and supported, PMF and its leadership are now working to support the institutions of the Iraqi state, similar to other countries, in order to preserve the country, especially in light of the presence of some threats, thus the precautions must be taken and the military institution must be strengthened to preserve Iraq.”