Czechs to buy 210 Swedish-made CV90 combat vehicles

  • 21-12-2022, 20:09
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    The Czech Republic has signed a memorandum with Sweden and Britain's BAE Systems to buy 210 CV90 tracked combat vehicles, the defense minister said Wednesday.

    The memorandum signed on Tuesday "confirms an agreement of all three parties on the basic parameters concerning the purchase of CV90 combat vehicles", Minister Jana Cernochova said.

    She added the deal would be worth up to $2.3 billion, without disclosing further details.
    BAE Systems Hagglunds' CV90 is a tracked combat vehicle with a turret-mounted cannon that can be considered a light tank or armored personnel carrier.

    Cernochova was speaking at a televised ceremony at which the Czech Army received the first of 14 Leopard tanks from Germany.
    Germany is donating the tanks as compensation for the Czech Republic's military aid to Ukraine, battling a Russian invasion since February.