Microsoft brings casual games Minesweeper and Solitaire to Teams to spruce up virtual meetings

  • 16-11-2022, 20:30
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    Microsoft added on Wednesday, a collection of casual games to its Teams chat and calling service as the company tries to get people to spend more time in the app. 

    Solitaire will also be available, along with a new game called IceBreakers created by Microsoft to help teammates get to know one another.

    Microsoft is attempting to cast Teams as the premier destination for work, expanding on a product that exploded during the pandemic, when employees were forced to gather and collaborate virtually. 

    Teams is now available on most popular devices, and desktop software developers including Adobe and SAP have developed Teams integrations.

    By adding games, Microsoft is trying to sprinkle some fun into the equation and perhaps even strengthen bonds at work. Employees can come together remotely to win at a game of Minesweeper, a puzzle game with clickable squares that includes some virtual mines that must be avoided. People can also just watch the entertainment.