Iraqi Air Force blasts ISIS hideouts in Hamrin Mountain

  • 20-08-2022, 11:50
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    The Security Media Cell-SMC announced on Saturday, that the Air Force aircrafts targeted ISIS hideouts in Hamrin Mountains within Salah al-Din Governorate.
    "The detachments of The Federal Investigations And Intelligence Agency (FIIA) at the Ministry of Interior, in coordination and cooperation with the targeting cell of the Joint Operations Command and the Counter-Terrorism Service, monitored the movements of terrorist members in the Hamrin mountain range within Salah al-Din Governorate," SMC said in a statement, received by The Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    The statement continued, "FIIA and the Targeting Cell provided the Iraqi Air Force with accurate intelligence information about the whereabouts of prominent leaders of ISIS terrorist gangs in this place, " noting that "the full details of the names and positions of the criminals whom targeted will be revealed in a later statement."