PM: We are ready to hand over power to any elected government

  • 11-08-2022, 15:30
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    The Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi warned, today, Thursday, of the danger of not having a budget, while confirming his readiness to hand over power to any elected government.

     Al-Kadhimi said in his speech during the opening of the cabinet session that was held today and was followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), "I offer my deepest condolences on the occasion of Ashura, the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him), from which we draw inspiration from the values of sacrifice, justice, and fighting injustice, and we are inspired by them. The spirit of belonging to the homeland and humanity, and the importance of building nations on the basis of justice,” noting that “we started with this government together by facing major economic, security, political and health challenges, and we accepted the challenge, and for nearly two and a half years we are still working to overcome all obstacles in complex circumstances.

    He added, "Iraq faces a real political problem in the post-election stage, and it needs a solution, and the solution requires dialogue, wisdom, and sacrifice, as Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) sacrificed for justice, values, and religion, and political leaders are also required to make sacrifices." For the sake of the country, and for the sake of our children,” noting that “the challenges we face are reflected in the performance of the government and all the institutions of the Iraqi state, as this government spent 28 months, and it is unfortunate that during this period there was a budget only for 6 months, so how can the state work Without a budget?

    He continued, "We are going through a difficult period, and with all this we have worked to overcome many problems," noting that "there were lagging or failed projects that had been planned for many years, and we worked to revive them and turn them into opportunities for success, in rebuilding lagging hospitals and other projects. It concerns electricity, oil, gas, and alternative energy, but without a budget, people's lives will be disrupted."

    He stated, "We are now in the eighth month of 2022, and there is no budget, and the imbalance is not in the government, but because of the existing political situation." .

    Al-Kadhimi said, "We have provided money for electricity, health and lagging projects, and we must work with all our might to help our children," noting that "citizens are waiting for a lot from us, and this is their right to demand the government."

    Al-Kadhimi expressed his regret for “what is happening, as our people do not deserve this circumstance, but rather deserve the best and that we sacrifice for the sake of the people and the future,” noting that “the political dispute has begun to reflect on the service reality in the state, and therefore we must look for a solution.”

    Al-Kadhimi called on “everyone to engage in dialogue in all seriousness,” noting that “dialogue is the only solution to solving our problems and we have no other, as for resorting to methods of media escalation, social media, spreading chaos, and frustration among people, this will not help in building the modern democratic experience. We are a young democracy, and we need to act according to wisdom and reason.”

    Al-Kadhimi called on "citizens to know that every day it is delayed in finding a solution to the political blockage, the government is restricted, and it is in a difficult situation to carry out its duties," explaining that "the work of the caretaker government according to the constitution, is to be coupled with a short period and not Staying for nine months without a new government."