UNDP sets the end appointment of the project to recovery stability in Iraq

  • 4-07-2022, 11:06
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     The United Nations Development (Program )UNDP confirmed on Monday,  the implementation of 3,800 projects in 5 liberated Iraqi governorates, and while noting that it had contributed to returning 5 million IDPs people to their areas, it set a appointment for the end of the project to recovery stability in Iraq.

    The resident representative of the UNDP in Iraq, Zena Ali Ahmed, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "Iraq has gone through several crises and wars, which led to the presence of many remnants of war, “noting that” UNDP, launched the Stabilization Project, in the liberated areas, with the support of the local government in 5 governorates and with the participation of 30 donor countries, including the United Kingdom and Canada."

    Ahmed added, "The Stabilization Program worked, with funding from donor countries, to mobilize global resources under the framework of the international coalition to combat ISIS, by allocating about $1.5 billion over the past 6 years, through which 3800 projects were rehabilitated, including restoring infrastructure and basic services. As well as assisting IDPs people returning to their areas in providing their livelihoods and supporting the means of peaceful coexistence with society."

    She pointed out that " UNDP contributed to the return of 5 million IDPs Iraqis to their areas," stressing that "part of the project aims to coordinate with the military force related to demining, especially since the U N includes an organization concerned with demining, and the process of rehabilitating structures. Infrastructure cannot be done without removing mines."

    She added, "Work is underway, and the project to recovery stability in Iraq will close at the end of next year, as a result of the return of most of the IDPs to their areas of origin."