Health Ministry announces submitting recommendations on cholera to the Supreme Committee

  • 29-06-2022, 13:38
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     Ministry of Health specified Wednesday 4 measures to control cholera, while instructing citizens to investigate water sources.
    The Director-General of Public Health Directorate, Riyad Abdul-Amir, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the Ministry of Health, within the framework of its measures to confront cholera, circulates at the beginning of each year its national plan to control epidemic diarrhea and monitors the curve of cholera infections."

    He added, "After recording new cases of the disease recently, we circulated preventive measures, implemented the national plan, and increased with it the follow-up of water projects and examination of the chlorine level."
    Abdul Amir stressed that "the control of cholera is carried out through 4 measures that include emphasizing that water directorates will follow up and repair projects that contain defects, and secondly, following up on the percentage of chlorine and water scarcity in the governorates," as well as increasing water releases.

    He added, "The fourth measure is to educate citizens and call them, in the event of symptoms of diarrhea, intestinal infections, or vomiting, to rush to the health center to receive treatment."

    He pointed out that "recommendations were submitted to the Supreme Committee for Health and National Safety, and there are recommendations to the Cabinet after several meetings that emphasized the water departments to follow up on projects, describing the fact that the emergence of cholera can only start through contaminated water that helps the transmission of the germ."

    He added, "The Ministry of Health possesses sufficient supplies and medicines for all health institutions to contain the increasing numbers of cholera," calling on citizens to investigate the sources of water that they consume.