More than 800 cases of suffocation as a result of the dust storm in two governorates

  • 5-05-2022, 10:33
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    Anbar and Najaf governorates recorded Thursday more than 800 cases of suffocation due to the dust storm.

     Anbar Health Media Director, Anas Qais Al-Ani, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "health centers in the city of Ramadi have begun to open their doors since the start of the dust storm until now."

     He added, "Calls have been sent to citizens through mosques and social networking sites, inviting them to go to receive treatment for people with suffocation cases."

    Meanwhile, the Najaf Health Department announced recording "more than 100 cases of suffocation in the province as a result of the dust storm."

     It is noteworthy that Baghdad and most of the Iraqi provinces have been exposed for days to dust storms that lead to recording cases of suffocation and lack of vision, especially on the external roads.