Launching a large-scale security operation in Hawi al-Azeem, SMC reports

  • 17-11-2021, 14:08
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    The Security Media Cell announced, today, Wednesday, the launch of a security operation to search Hawi Al-Azeem, with the air support of the army’s aviation, to eliminate the remnants of ISIS terrorist gangs.
    "A wide security operation was carried out ,within the Diyala Ops sector, in coordination with the leaderships of Samarra and Salah al-Din, to search Hawi al-Azeem ,by the first division units , the special forces, and units of the Ninth Division and the formations of PMF In Diyala axis, with the support of the Air Force and the Army’s aviation ,” noting that “the security operation was preceded by implementing a number of effective air strikes,” SMC said in a statement , received by The Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    The statement added “Diyala police began carrying out search and inspecting operations in the orchards of Abu Saida and the ferry districts to search for the wanted persons," noting that "these operations come within a comprehensive plan implemented by the Joint Operations Command through the Defense and Interior Ministry units and the Popular Mobilization Forces, to pursue ISIS terrorist gangs."