SMC: 8 infiltrators arrested coming from Syria to Nineveh

  • 13-11-2021, 23:24
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    Security Media Cell - SMC announced on Saturday, the arrest of 8 infiltrators coming from Syria towards Nineveh.

    “Military intelligence arrested 8 infiltrators coming from Syria towards Nineveh, after using thermal cameras, as it was monitoring the movement of a number of people who left Iraq illegally to Syria in 2016 and tried to return with the same method through infiltration behavior from the border areas,” SMC said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    The statement included: "The intended destination for their infiltration was determined, which is the village of Mushairfa, affiliated to Rabia district, west of Nineveh. In light of this, with the participation of the intelligence of the 72nd Infantry Brigade, and a force from the first regiment of the brigade, they were ambushed and arrested after they crossed the border, and it turned out that they were 8 people with citizenship,”