IHEC issues instructions for selecting stations of manual counting

  • 5-10-2021, 10:46
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    The Board of Commissioners issued on Tuesday, a decision on the instructions to select the manual counting station.
    "The board of Commissioners has agreed to adopt the procedures contained below when conducting manual drawing of lots to select the voting station, on which the counting and manual counting process is conducted in accordance with the provisions of article (38) of the Iraqi Parliament Elections Act No. 9 of 2020," the electoral commission said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
     First: The holding of drawing lots in the national office shall be public and in the presence of a representative of the United Nations team (UNAMI), the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), observers, candidate agents, political parties and the media.
    Second: The date for drawing of lots is four o'clock in the evening of the private polling day and the public polling day
    Third: The manual drawing of lots is conducted at the polling station level with (15) voting operations for special voting, starting with the centers that include only two polling stations and ending with the electoral centers that include (16) polling stations, and by (17) polling operations for general voting, starting with the centers that include two polling stations only and ending with In the centers that include (18) eighteen polling stations.
    Fourth: If the electoral center includes one polling station, then the process of manual counting and sorting will take place without drawing lots.
    Fifth: Electoral offices are notified of the results of the lottery after five o'clock in the afternoon of the special or general polling day by official mail, telephone call, or any other appropriate method. 
    Sixth: The manual counting and sorting process that was determined according to the results of the lottery takes place after the end of the polling time and in accordance with the procedures adopted in this regard.