26 accused, including four terrorists, arrested in Baghdad

  • 6-09-2021, 14:07
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    The Security Media Cell announced on Monday, the arrest of 26 suspects, including four terrorists, in Baghdad.
    SMC said in a  statement, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the security services and intelligence agencies are continuing their efforts to pursue ISIS terrorist gangs and  the outlaws, as the reconnaissance battalion in the Eleventh Infantry Division managed to arrest a terrorist suspect north-east of Baghdad, while a force from the 55th  Brigade, the 17th  Infantry Division, arrested a wanted suspect according to Article 4 of anti- terrorism law, south of Baghdad, noting that "a force from the First Brigade of Federal Police also managed to arrest a suspect in accordance with Article 4 of anti-Terrorism law after ambushing him, southeast of Baghdad.
    SMC added, " Al-Jazeera detachments affiliated to the Directorate of Controls and External Roads Affairs at the Baghdad Police Command were able to arrest a wanted suspect in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of Anti-Terrorism Law," affirming that "the 11th  Infantry divisions were also able to capture (9) accused who are wanted under various legal articles.
    In a related issue, SMC continued, "The units of the First and Second Division Federal Police were also able to arrest (4) accused of robbery, murder, and disposal of expired materials, during search operations within the divisions of responsibility," noting that "the joint detachments at Baghdad Operation Command arrested (9) accused on charges of drug promotion, fraud, and seizure of narcotic pills, (9) pistols, and (208) different ammunition, as all the accused were referred to the Judiciary to receive their punishment in accordance with the law.