34 suspects arrested in Baghdad

  • 24-08-2021, 13:51
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    The Security Media Cell announced, on Tuesday, the arrest of 34 suspects in Baghdad.
    SMC said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The security units in Baghdad Operations Command continue the operations to purge the sources of terrorism, fight organized crime and activate arrest warrants issued by the Iraqi judiciary, as the intelligence agencies in were able to arrest three wanted persons in accordance with Article 4 Of Anti- Terrorism Law,” indicating that “a force from the Sixth Brigade, the Second Division, Federal Police managed to arrest a fourth terrorist after following and support from the units in the Karkh and Rusafa sectors."
    The statement added that a detachment from the intelligence of the (25) Brigade, the 17th Infantry Division, also managed to seize two IED AND (8) artillery shells caliber 155 mm,  war remnants of ISIS terrorist gangs south of Baghdad, in addition to the arrest of two accused were charged according to different legal articles by the First Division of Federal Police, and  other four were arrested by the Second Division, Federal Police within the Karkh and Rusafa sectors, noting that the security forces in the 11th  Infantry Division, continued to carry out search and inspection duties and were able to arrest ( 9) accused according to different legal articles.
    In a related issue, the statement continued, that the joint detachments were able to carry out their duties on both sides of Karkh and Rusafa, as they able to arrest of (15) suspects according to different legal articles, seizing (12) unlicensed arms and a grenade with one rifle and ammunitions.