BOC: IED’s to target citizens seized, a terrorist arrested

  • 8-07-2021, 12:59
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     Baghdad- INA

    Baghdad Operations Command announced on Thursday, the arrest of a terrorist and the seizure of explosives prepared to target citizens south of the capital.

    The Security Media Cell said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): The security forces at BOC continued to carry out preemptive operations and inspection duties according to accurate intelligence information and in coordination with the Intelligence and Security Department at the Command, the Military Intelligence Directorate, and the Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Directorate at the AIFI, in areas west and south of Baghdad.

    SMC added that a force from the 5th Brigade, 2nd Division at the Federal Police, managed to arrest a suspect in accordance with Article 4 of anti -terrorism law in Ghazaliya district, as he is wanted the East Investigation Court of east Anbar, that is specialized in terrorism cases.

    The statement also mentioned   that armed forces  at the two brigades (55 and 23) of the 17th Infantry Division managed to seize a stack of IED’s prepared to target innocent citizens and infrastructure in areas south of Baghdad, noting that it contained (4) IED of various sizes and shapes includes plastic  gasoline cans of (10 and 20) liters filled with high explosives  material (C4 and iron balls) with one artillery charge, wires and detonators, that are the remnants of ISIS terrorist gangs, as all these materials  were removed without  any incident.