PEC: Exchange rate appreciation solutions require time

  • 23-04-2021, 16:24
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    Baghdad- INA

    The Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee confirmed, today, Friday, that the treatments of the exchange rate increase need time .

    A member of the committee, MP Salem Al-Tufayli, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The real treatments for the high exchange rate need time for market stability ."

    He added that "many MPs demanded a reduction in the dollar price, not at the previous rate, but rather gradually so that the citizen would not be affected economically," noting that "the citizen with limited income and the poor was affected by the change of the exchange rate  ."

    He pointed out that "the budget supported the private sector and large projects in order to attract part of the workforce so that there would be a work movement and that his committee presented a program and recommendations to the prime minister that included supporting the private, agricultural and industrial sector," explaining that "Iraq has all the infrastructure to improve the agricultural and industrial reality, but We need honest and efficient hands . "