Al-Hindawi: No postponement of elections and biometrics is mandatory

  • 4-03-2021, 13:53
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    Baghdad - INA
    The Advisor to the Prime Minister for Elections Affairs, Hussein Al-Hindawi, called on the Iraqi voters to speed up updating their electoral data, stressing that holding early elections on the tenth of next October does not accept any postponement.
    Al-Hindawi told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Thursday, that "holding early parliamentary elections on the tenth of next October does not accept postponement," noting that "all that is said about the postponement is mere wishes and perceptions that are not based on facts."
    He stressed that the Commission has started implementing its electoral plans, starting with extending the registration period for political alliances until 5/21/2021, as well as extending the period for receiving candidate lists until 4/17/2021, and considered these deadlines as deadlines for registering alliances and receiving candidate lists, which could not be extended for technical reasons, with the exception of checking names. Candidates and replacement of those who do not meet the legal requirements.