Kurdistan Parliament reveals the truth of granting citizenship to Iranian, Syrian and Turkish Kurds

  • 28-09-2020, 23:38
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    INA - Baghdad - Soma Al-Jaf


    Bahman Abdullah, member of parliament for the Kurdistan Democratic Party in the Parliament of Kurdistan region, revealed the truth behind the news of granting Iraqi citizenship to Iranians, Syrians and Turks.


    “The talk about granting Iraqi nationality to 385,000 Iranian, Syrian and Turkish Kurds by the Kurdistan region is untrue,” said Abdullah in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).


    He indicated that “the authority to give citizenship according to the Iraqi constitution is the exclusive authority of the federal government in Baghdad.  And the regional government does not have the authority to grant it to any citizen in the Kurdistan region or outside it,”


    He added that this information is fabricated, and the statistics about it are incorrect.


    Earlier, a number of media outlets spread news stating that "the Kurdistan region granted 385 thousand Iraqi nationality to Iranian, Syrian and Turkish Kurds."