Rasoul: Al-Kadhmi directed to focus on protecting the border with Syria

  • 13-09-2020, 11:40
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    Baghdad - INA

    The spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Major General Yahya Rasoul, confirmed today, Sunday, the continuation of pre-emptive operations to protect the common lands with Syria, while indicating that the final results of the negotiations on the joint coordination centers are waiting.

    Rasoul told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The understandings are good so far, between the Joint Operations Command and the Ministry of Peshmerga, on the issue of joint coordination centers, but we are waiting for the results of coordination and discussions between the two sides."

    He added that "the Peshmerga forces are part of the Iraqi national defense system, and there is joint coordination between the federal forces and the Peshmerga to protect the empty areas that lie between their lines of presence." Intelligence is very important during the next stage. "

    He pointed out that "the common border with Syria, at a distance of 605 km, is held by joint units of the army, the Popular Mobilization Forces, and the Iraqi border forces, as we have conducted many fortifications and arbitrations on the common borders, represented by trenches, dirt mounds, fences surrounded by barbed and inflatable wires, erecting surveillance towers, and distributing cameras. Heat, distributing firmly held pieces, and distributing chock arms. "

    He pointed to the continuous work to carry out qualitative and pre-emptive operations, especially in the border areas near the regions of northeastern Syria, where the terrorist elements are present.