Salih: Early Elections must be worthy of confidence apart from any fraud

  • 29-08-2020, 17:09
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    INA - Baghdad

    President Barham Salih, affirmed today’s Saturday, that early elections must be worthy of confidence, away from manipulation and fraud.

    Salih said in a speech on the occasion of Ashura, followed by Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “Imam Hussein is a symbol of liberation, peaceful coexistence and self-reconciliation as well as revolutionaries. A believer, a symbol of faith and from a reformer man to a symbol of reform"

    He added, "Iraqis, after long suffering and prolonged deprivation, are looking for justice and the rule of law, ending corruption and securing a free and decent life. They are looking forward to fully sovereignty and uncompromising reference to the constitution and the law"

    "it is necessary to fulfill the national merit in reform, through resorting to the people in early elections, which must have an atmosphere of confidence, away from manipulation and fraud," he added.