The ninth armored division sets the date for the distribution of the security forces in Diyala

  • 12-07-2020, 14:35
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     The commander of the 9th Armored Division, Major General Walid Khalifa Majeed, confirmed today, Sunday, that after the completion of Operation Iraqi Champions, the security sectors will be properly distributed to fill the existing gaps.

     Majeed said to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), "Yesterday a large operation was launched under the supervision of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and the Chief of Staff of the Army and the Deputy Commander of Joint Operations within the Diyala sector, with the participation of many parts of the federal police and the Iraqi army, represented by the ninth armored division and the fifth division and operations  Diyala, the popular mobilization forces and the counter-terrorism apparatus. "

     He added, "This operation aims to establish security and stability within the region of Diyala province," noting that "approximately 25 villages were searched within this region, as well as the left side of Lake Hamrin was searched."