Al Mishkhab farms is our forgotten treasure

  • 8-06-2020, 12:10
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    Najaf - INA


     In the Holy Land of Peace, much may not be known about the city of Al-Mishkhab, other than its association with luxury rice, which is famous for, but whoever visits the place and looks at its villages and farms, he will discover the size of farms that produce various crops such as (wheat, rice, and vegetables of all kinds), but the amber rice remains the property of the crops in these  The city that falls asleep on the banks of the Euphrates.

     The Iraqi News Agency "INA" cut the Najaf desert towards this district to discover the secrets of these farms and to identify the most important obstacles facing farmers and their needs.

     The farmer Abu Muhammad said: "The farms in Al Mishkhab are abundant in producing different types of crops, but there are obstacles facing farmers in this region and these problems are not related to water or climate but rather by invading different types of rodents, especially this year, which witnessed a major attack of rodents and mice.  In a way that we have not seen before, pointing out that "this large number of rodents, which exceeded hundreds, led to the destruction of large quantities of crops exceeding hundreds of acres of agricultural crops, as well as fears of the spread of diseases."