Wisdom bloc explains the reasons for its support for Al-Kadhmi's cabin

  • 6-05-2020, 20:27
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    Special- INA


     The parliamentary wisdom bloc announced its attendance at the session of granting confidence, while explaining the reasons for its support for the Al-Kadhmi government.

     Today, Wednesday, the representative of the wisdom movement, Khaled al-Jashmi, confirmed that members of his bloc will attend a session of granting confidence to support the passage of Prime Minister-designate Mustafa al-Kadhmi.

     The representative of the bloc, Khaled Al-Jashmi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The Wisdom Bloc supports Al-Kadhmi for several reasons, most notably the voluntary absence of the Prime Minister and the lack of accountability of the ministers in the cabinet resigned from the House of Representatives," noting that "the wisdom is supportive of Al-Kadhmi despite the existence of some observations."  On a number of nominated characters. "

     He added that "the country is going through a number of crises, including economic, security and health, and a new government is required to confront these crises," noting that "granting confidence to the new government is the solution to address the problems that beset the country."

      Al-Jashmi indicated that "some political blocs have promoted that the wisdom bloc requires Al-Kadhmi to ministerial portfolios within his government, and this matter is not accurate."