Presidency of the Republic mourns the martyrs of the PMF and stresses the pursuit of the remnants of terrorism

  • 2-05-2020, 12:55
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    Baghdad - INA


     Today, Saturday, the Presidency of the Republic affirmed that it is imperative to pursue the remnants of Daesh gangs, to cleanse the Iraqi lands of the remnants of this organization, and to maintain the achievements made against terrorism.

     A spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic, in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), said that "Daesh terrorist gangs made a criminal attempt to attack the security forces and the heroes of the popular Mobilization forces in Salahuddin province."

     He added: "While we commend the strength of our security forces and the heroes of the PMF and their courage in confronting these criminal gangs, we have a duty to pursue these remnants, to cleanse Iraqi lands of the remains of terrorism, and to preserve the achievements made against Daesh."