Over 3 million narcotics pills seized in a year, Says Iraqi Customs

  • 18-06-2024, 11:36
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    The General Authority of Customs announced on Tuesday, the total seizures at its ports during the past year, including more than 3.5 million tablets of narcotics.
    Hassan al-Akili, the head of the General Authority of Customs, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that "The General Authority of Customs conducted dozens of seizures Ops, including those related to medicines and others involving contraband goods." He further elaborated that "the Anti-Smuggling Department carried out more than 7,500 raids across all ports."
    Al-Akili added that "The authority managed to seize more than 3.5 million Captagon pills at one of the ports, hidden among apple crates." He noted that "the authority presents suspected items to relevant authorities for inspection, and subsequently refers them to the judiciary or the anti-narcotics office."