Experts and lawmakers emphasize the strategic significance of Al-Sudani's visit to Washington

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  • 12-04-2024, 12:40
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    INA-  Baghdad

    Iraqis across the board are focused on Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani's visit to the US at the invitation of US President Joe Biden. The prime minister's agenda includes several important items, the most notable of which is likely the activation and proper implementation of the Strategic Framework Agreement in a manner that protects national sovereignty and governs relations between Washington and Baghdad.

    Viewed by observers as a great opportunity to organize cooperation with the international coalition after the military withdrawal and rebalance the two countries' relationship, the visit takes place at a sensitive time.

    To strengthen cooperation and coordination with the United States and activate the terms of the agreement between the two countries, particularly in the fields of development, economy, investment, education, technology, artificial intelligence, and climate, Prime Minister’s political advisor Fadi Al-Shammari told the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that the Prime Minister is expected to prioritize the activation of the framework agreement during his upcoming visit to the US capital, Washington.

    The Prime Minister will discuss a number of important files, including the strategic framework agreement between Iraq and the United States, the military presence in Iraq, the extent to which Iraq needs foreign forces and advisers, and the development of a security strategy between the two countries, MP Hussein Arab, a member of the House of Representatives, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA). He also noted that the Prime Minister is keen to have an equal and balanced relationship according to the desire of both parties, considering that the agreement must Proceed and continue with the parties, and there are agreements and understandings in principle in this regard.

    "Al-Sudani recognizes the value of a deep communication channel and dialogue between Iraq and America. He also recognizes that Iraq is now a part of a global network of relations that cannot be lost in any way," Arab stated.

    The Prime Minister's visit to Washington is historic because it primarily addresses activating the Strategic Framework Agreement, as House of Representatives member Ruqayya Al-Nouri told the Iraqi News Agency (INA)." Everyone knows that the Al-Sudani government places a high priority on the issue of foreign coalition forces present in Iraq, especially since the government established a committee between Iraq and the international coalition to terminate the mission of the foreign forces' presence, even though the coalition's stated purpose is to fight ISIS.

    During Al-Sudani's visit to Washington, she noted that "the research is in the horizon of the relationship," adding that "memoranda of understanding and cooperation through the ministerial team with the Prime Minister and the opening of wider areas that have not been applied since the start of the Strategic Framework Agreement until today," are among the things that will be discussed during the visit. She also noted that "the dialogue began through the bilateral committee between Iraq, America, and other countries representing the international coalition, and this is its task to develop security agreements on a professional basis."

    Since Iraq has a major pivotal role in both regional and global affairs, Al-Sudani seeks to develop and install this role in line with the nation's higher interests and serve the Iraqi people generally as well as the development of the country in all fields. Al-Nouri noted that "the government has succeeded greatly at the global and regional political level, in addition to the fact that the internal general situation has witnessed a remarkable development through visits to diplomatic missions, holding conferences and seminars, and communicating in the visits of friendly countries and others." Additionally, Al-Nouri emphasized that "the House of Representatives has supported the President of the National Ministers' directions and their efforts in this field."

    In addition, political analyst Hamza Mustafa explained to the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that "this visit is very important in these circumstances that the region is going through, especially since Iraq, after it was able to expel ISIS, wants the relationship with the countries of the international coalition, led by the United States of America, to turn into a bilateral relationship, and for this it was agreed that the Prime Minister will make an important visit to Washington for the purpose of dealing with this issue, and since Iraq and the United States have a strategic framework agreement. The activation of this agreement would clearly transfer this relationship to a bilateral relationship based on the vocabulary known in the agreement, which includes political, economic, military and investment aspects, so activating this agreement is important, and would restore balance to the relationship between the two countries."

    In response, political analyst Iyad al-Anbar told the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that "turning military cooperation into a strategic relationship at the economic, cultural, and development levels and many companies that really need to activate it is a good step towards activating this agreement, as it draws the features of a clear partnership relationship in many items and paragraphs that can be activated by moving from military cooperation to a strategic vision from which the government can start to discuss the horizon and future of Iraqi-American relations."Such collaborations must begin in Iraq in order to support the growth of numerous industries and spark a fresh perspective that fortifies ties with the United States of America.