Joint operations: A number of terrorists were killed by an air strike in Wadi al-Shay in Kirkuk

  • 3-12-2023, 20:45
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    The Joint Operations Command announced today, Sunday, the killing of a number of terrorists and the destruction of a haven in an air strike in Wadi al-Shay in Kirkuk.
    The command stated in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), “Here are the heroic security forces and the intrepid air force surprising the terrorist elements in Wadi al-Shay in Kirkuk operations sector, with an air strike, destroying the disappointed ISIS detachments and a terrorist den, and causing a number of deaths among its ranks.”
      "This successful strike was carried out according to accurate information by the Military Intelligence Directorate in cooperation and coordination with the targeting cell in Joint Operations Command."
     According to the statement "Our brave men and brave Air Force hawks will remain on alert to attack the dens of terrorism and inflict on the enemy losses after losses in its ranks, dens, and sanctuaries. We will provide you with the details as soon as they are received. The victory comes only from God."