PM honors the players of our national team with plots of residential land in Baghdad

  • 21-01-2023, 16:37
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    The Prime Minister, Muhammad S. Al-Sudani, decided to honor the players of our national team with plots of residential land in Baghdad.

    The media office of the Prime Minister said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia' al-Sudani, received the delegation of our national team, which was crowned with the Basra Gulf Championship 25, and held a luncheon in their honor, in the presence of the President of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Nechirvan Barzani.

    He added, "Al-Sudani appreciated the national team's deserved victory in the championship, and praised the good level and high sportsmanship that accompanied our national team players in all the matches they played during the tournament.".

    Al-Sudani referred, according to the statement, to “the efforts of the ministries and provinces in general, and the efforts of the Basra governorate with its people, its administration and its governor, who made an exceptional effort before and during the tournament,” praising “the efforts of the security forces in providing security, and he also praised the fans who were the best support and contributor to the success of the tournament.” recalling the victims who died as a result of the stampede that occurred, asking God Almighty to shower them with mercy and forgiveness.
    He stressed, "The government was determined to fulfill all the requirements of the championship and implement this important merit, directing the Ministry of Youth and Sports to carry out its duties in relation to the sports sector, and he also affirmed the government's determination to support the national team after the technical team presents a plan with timelines for the upcoming benefits, especially the Asian Cup." and World Cup qualifiers.

    He explained, "And with the sports achievement that was achieved today, there will be a review and expansion of the goals set in the sports axis within the government program, and the preparation of plans to prepare all the requirements of the sports reality," stressing that "the cabinet decided to honor the players of our team that won the Gulf of Basra 25 By plotting residential lands in Baghdad, and granting them diplomatic passports.