Tesla is adding Apple Music to their vehicles

  • 21-11-2022, 23:00
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    After many years of waiting and anticipation, Tesla is finally adding Apple Music to its cars.
    Aaron Cash shared photos via Twitter of Tesla’s new exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Aaron found that Apple Music was included in one of Tesla's vehicles.
    At the exhibit, Tesla has the interior of the new Model S set up, complete with a center console, steering wheel and infotainment system so that attendees can experience the yoke steering wheel and its blazing-fast processing for maps, games, and entertainment.
    The 'vehicle' was running a developer version of Tesla's OS with version number 2022.40.50, and this is where Apple Music was found.
    Tesla’s notorious for leaving Easter eggs and hints about upcoming features in their software, and having this vehicle run a developer version with Apple Music appears to have been intentional. We first speculated that Apple Music was coming when an icon was spotted during Zoom's conference where they showcased their video conference running in Teslas.