Chemicals linked to ‘deadliest’ liver cancer found in all baby products sampled in study

  • 8-11-2022, 09:23
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    Several studies have identified potential cancer-causing qualities in "forever chemicals" that may lead to autism-related behaviors in children. Once they enter the body, the toxic substances may travel to the brains, lungs and other developing organs of unborn babies or toddlers. This could have severe consequences affecting brain development and overall health down the line, studies suggest.
    Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances are a group of thousands of human-made chemicals used widely in consumer and industrial products.
    The compounds' efficiency in repelling grease, water, and oil, has made them popular in the production of baby clothing items.
    In new research by the Wasting DC-based Environmental Working Group EWG, the substances were found in toys, clothing, bibs and bedding designed for babies.
    A series of laboratory tests revealed significant traces of PFAS and fluorine in all 10 items tested.
    Forever chemicals have previously been documented in natural environments like rivers, lakes and oceans, but their presence in everyday items may increase health risks for infants, experts worry.
    PFAS do not dissolve naturally in the environment, which means their threat becomes indefinite.
    It is their strong carbon-fluorine bonds that allow PFAS to build up in soil, water, air and wildlife.
    They become harmful to humans once they enter the body through inhalation after wearing off clothing items as dust.
    Source: Express