Defense Minister sets the date of receiving the two new radars in Iraq

  • 26-09-2022, 11:59
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    Defense Minister Juma Inad Saadoun set on Monday, the date for the arrival of two new radars to Iraq.

    Saadoun said in his speech during the inauguration of the new radar system in Diwaniyah province, which was attended by the reporter of the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The new radar system was inaugurated, which was contracted with the French company Thales to complete it," noting that "this system is one of several systems. It will be installed and operated in Iraq to complete the process of detection and early warning of hostile high and medium altitudes."

    Saadoun added, "These systems are the foundation stone that was laid earlier for the new main operations center of the Air Defense Command, which was contracted with the same French company for the purpose of building it in an advanced manner and building the temporary and permanent infrastructure for these radars, and these construction works have been started."

    He explained, "The Ministry of Defense has received French-made GM403 radars, two out of four, while they will arrive successively in Iraq at the end of this month," noting that "the last radar will arrive in the first quarter of next year."

    Saadoun stressed that "the contract with the French company was signed in 2015 and encountered many difficulties and delays as a result of non-payment of dues to Thales," noting that "the ministry made many efforts to complete the arrival and operation of these radars in Iraq, and the necessary amounts were secured for the purpose of payment to the manufacturer in order to Its arrival in Iraq, to be added to the rest of the military arsenal owned by the ministry, and to enhance the capabilities of the Iraqi air defense."

    He stated that "acquiring these radars, in addition to the American radars we already have, will ensure early radar detection of hostile targets," noting that "the operation of these modern systems and building an operations center for them, we strive to develop the capability and capacity of the Air Defense Command, to be In proportion to the great responsibility entrusted to it, to protect the skies of Iraq from any breach or external aggression."

    Inad expressed his "appreciation to everyone who contributed and contributes to developing and building the capabilities of the armed forces."