PMF raids an IED factory in Salah al-Din

  • 10-09-2022, 19:04
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    The Popular Mobilization Authority announced the destruction of a laboratory for explosive devices belonging to terrorist gangs, northwest of Salah al-Din.

    The commission said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the Salah al-Din Operations Command of the Popular Mobilization carried out, on Saturday, a large-scale search and security operation on Salah al Din Island, northwest of the province."

    A force from the 51st and 31st Brigades of the Popular Mobilization participated in the operation.

    PMA added that "during the operation, two guesthouses and a factory for explosive devices were found, which were completely destroyed," noting that "the operation aims to secure the areas northwest of the province and to clear and secure the rugged areas to prevent the infiltration of terrorist elements."